Veteran Set for Success Thanks to VFW Scholarship

Financial concerns and worry about what would happen if he didn’t earn his degree led Anthony to the VFW

Anthony Gabriel, 29, of Orlando, Fla., cares deeply about America and the people in it.

Gabriel joined the military because he always thought it was something he owed his country. In eight years of service, he deployed to Afghanistan and was stationed in North Carolina, California and Hawaii. He was promoted to staff sergeant before exiting the U.S. Marine Corps, and credits his time in the military with teaching him skills that will help him as he transitions to civilian life.

Pictured above: Marine Corps veteran Anthony Gabriel.
Help A Hero Scholarship Recipient Marine Corps Veteran Anthony Gabriel

"I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to truly sacrifice myself for a greater cause. I’ve experienced real team work and have come to realize that no matter what, no one can accomplish anything great on their own,” said Gabriel. "Collaborating with people from all over the planet in several different environments has given me the skills necessary to be successful in teams, either as a participant or a team leader.”

Gabriel wants to take his passion for serving and working with others and apply it to a career where he can help people live up to their potential. His first step is to finish a degree in human resource management at Park University.

However, in pursuit of his education, Gabriel found there was not enough money to cover the cost of school and allow him and his wife, Aubrey, to provide for their three children. Financial concerns and worry about what would happen if he didn’t earn his degree led him to search for assistance. He eventually found the Scholly app and was pointed to the VFW’s "Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship.”

With his degree in sight again thanks to the scholarship, Gabriel is extremely grateful for the VFW and those who give to the organization so veterans like him can get the education required to move forward in life.

"It really has set me up for success,” Gabriel said. "It’s unbelievable. If it weren’t for this scholarship in particular, I would not be able to continue my education and would transition from the Marine Corps without a degree. Thank you just doesn’t explain how grateful I truly am.”

Gabriel hopes other veterans will follow his lead and get the degree they need to pursue their dreams, especially since there is help available.

"Do it. Don’t put it off. Don’t say you’ll do it later,” said Gabriel. "If the military has taught you anything, it is that you can get done what needs to get done.”

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